A Washington Trilogy

A Washington Trilogy rips away the curtain hiding the dark underbelly of our Capital City revealing the often deadly struggles for power; the art of buying and selling access to that power; and the personal intrigues hatched to protect positions of power.

The arc of the trilogy follows the capable but cravenly ambitious Peter Dottier from the U.S. Senate to the White House. He is enabled by his ruthless chief-of-staff, Joe Pennington, who does whatever is necessary to protect Dottier from his amoral nature, and manages the challenges that come during two tumultuous terms in office.

The author mined his 35-plus years in Washington — on Capitol Hill and at the most senior levels in the Executive Branch — to inform the trilogy.

One month after his college graduation, Dean Eaton is writing speeches for presumptive presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Peter Dottier. Two months later, he is being pursued by a psychopath.

Dean Eaton is determined to make his own way after college. He wants to break away from…Read More

Trey Manning knocks on the door of a darkened home in the suburbs bordering Washington, D.C. attempting to return a lost wallet. He doesn’t notice that the car parked in the driveway holds the shattered body of Warren Tillidge, son of Paul Tillidge, patriarch of one of the nation’s most…Read More

A series of explosions rips across the floor of the United States Senate killing 34 Senators.

From the first moments of the investigation into the bombings, the evidence confuses and confounds. The signatures usually associated with terrorist attacks by radical Islamists – and there are many – are complicated by evidence also leading to homegrown participants, but no signs of…Read More

If you are looking for some good summer reading please let me suggest 3 books that form a trilogy based on Washington, DC. J David Bethel wrote these three books based on his many years in DC. Having worked in Congress for 12 years myself as a Member of Congress I could easily visualize the places Mr. Bethel described and could put actual faces on some of his characters.

The books describe a great deal of the political system and all its raw, nasty power plays and inter-workings. These books are page turners and will have you on the edge of your seat. Bethel’s insight comes from years working in the government in positions giving him access “behind the curtains “ to the interworkings of a system our forefathers deliberately built to be complex and slow moving.

Bethel threw in a sizable measure of intrigue and mystery as he casts some of his characters in the villains role. I could place the faces of people I met and knew on some of these characters. His writing is that authentic!

Pick up the Washington Trilogy, get in your favorite reading place and take yourself on trip to a place that few get to go!

Jim Lightfoot

Member, U.S. Congress (retired)