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Holding Back the Dark

Acting Sheriff Bill Lattimore and Homicide Sergeant Reggie Nelson are joined by FBI Special Agent and profiler, Charlotte Rhodes, to pursue a killer who slices his way ever more cruelly and frantically through multiple victims during the weeks and months following the initial murders in Las Vegas. Read more…

Little Wars

The brutal murder of a family, including three small children, initially thought to be a murder-suicide, becomes the obsessive focus of the local sheriff, Ned Logan, after he detects evidence that is inconsistent with the “obvious” conclusion. Read more…

Unheard Of

A serial killer is haunting the Las Vegas Strip. The brutality is alarming. The number of victims is growing. “Blood leads” and it is being splashed across the headlines and clogging air time. But more important to the men who rule the empire of hotels and casinos is containing the story. Read more…

About the Author

John David Bethel

John David Bethel


John David Bethel is an award-winning author whose novels include Evil Town, Hotel Hell, Unheard OfHolding Back the Dark and A Washington Trilogy. He has also been published in popular consumer magazines and respected political journals.

Mr. Bethel spent 35 years in politics and government. He served in the Federal Senior Executive Service as a political appointee where he was Senior Adviser/Director of Speechwriting for the Secretaries of Commerce and Education; Editorial Director for the U.S. Small Business Administration; and Assistant Administrator for the U.S. General Services Administration’s Office of Communications and Citizen Services. Bethel also worked as press secretary/speechwriter to Members of Congress.

Mr. Bethel is a media consultant for a number of prominent communications management firms. He writes speeches, opinion editorials and Congressional testimony for CEOs from the nation’s largest corporations. His op-ed pieces have appeared in prominent newspapers around the country.

He graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Tulane University and lives in DeLand, Florida.


I just finished this thriller by J. David Bethel. It is based on a true story that took place in Miami, Florida. It is certainly a page turner that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The author has the ability to describe the characters and story in such a way that you feel as if you are right there as an observer as frightening as it is at times. Paulette Ward

Bethel’s new novel Blood Moon will draw you into a chilling story that is based on a gruesome true crime. Once you start reading it be ready to continue until you are finished. It is impossible to put down. I have been a fan of Bethel’s since discovering his first novel Evil Town. He’s actually outdone himself with Blood Moon. Read it. You’ll love it. Guaranteed. Maria Heinen

The author’s extensive experience in Washington politics begs the reader to question how much of Evil Town is truly fictional. His descriptive and fluid writing compels the reader to discover the next unexpected plot twist to be revealed. Jim Ross Lightfoot

Member of Congress (ret.)

I have been involved in politics for 40-plus years, so I understand politics. Yet, to date, I had not read a novel about Washington or politicians that captured the true nature of the city, its players or what goes on with any real understanding or believability until I read Evil Town. Roger Stone