No Country Loved

No Country Loved book coverA series of explosions rips across the floor of the United States Senate killing 34 Senators.

From the first moments of the investigation into the bombings, the evidence confuses and confounds. The signatures usually associated with terrorist attacks by radical Islamists – and there are many – are complicated by evidence also leading to homegrown participants, but no signs of an association between the two.

In the midst of dealing with this crisis, President Peter Dottier and his chief-of staff Joe Pennington are confronted by powerful and influential political forces who want to insert themselves into plans for healing the shattered political landscape. Theo Soras and Alan Cook – political kingmakers – “suggest” that Dottier call for direct elections to fill all vacant Senate seats. This would violate Constitutional guidelines set out to handle the situation.

Soras and Cook add weight to their proposal by presenting Dottier and Pennington with information they are holding that could topple the President. Rape. Sadism. Sodomy. A cocktail of shame to hold Dottier’s feet to the fire. As the President observes, he is being threatened with a “coup.”

Lead investigator on the bombings, FBI Special Agent Matt Thurston, slowly peels away multiple layers of evidence. With each new lead and follow-up the path to answers about the identities and motivations of the attackers twists and turns and becomes more difficult to follow. His investigation leads him from outposts deep in the wilderness of Nevada that have earmarks of participation by Islamic extremists to doorsteps in diverse neighborhoods across the country, and then into a cauldron of hate and extremism made in the U.S.A.
The mix of politics in Washington imperiling a presidency along with the search for the identity of the Senate bombing portends a very dangerous outcome that edges the nation’s democracy toward collapse.

No Country Loved is a contemporary and frightening seat-of-the-pants political thriller that takes the reader from the highest councils of government into the netherworld of politics and terror.

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