Trey Manning knocks on the door of a darkened home in the suburbs bordering Washington, D.C. attempting to return a lost wallet. He doesn’t notice that the car parked in the driveway holds the shattered body of Warren Tillidge, son of Paul Tillidge, patriarch of one of the nation’s most respected families; the capital city’s ultimate power broker; former Senator and once close friend of President Peter Dottier.

The murder sweeps Manning into the inner circle of the influential Tillidge family, where the prospect exists that an investigation of the death of the younger Tillidge could uncover secrets that will ruin the family name and also bring down the presidency. Long knives are unsheathed to derail the investigation.

This is only the beginning of circumstances that upend life for Trey Manning.

Just a few months after graduating from Georgetown University, he has landed a coveted position at the U.S. Small Business Administration. In short order, circumstances there pull him into the netherworld of politics that threaten the reputation of the senior leadership at the SBA, and Manning becomes the key to their survival or demise.

The consequences of the political double-dealings infecting the SBA spread from this small, sub-cabinet agency into the hallways of the West Wing. These events come under the watchful eye of Joe Pennington, the cunning and amoral White House chief-of-staff, who must work his magic to contain any spillover from the agency into the White House.

Embroiled in this swirl of human tragedy and political intrigue, Manning must quickly shed his naivete and develop a toughness if he is to survive amongst the most powerful forces in the capital. This is a world where no one gives up influence or prestige without blood being spilled.

Sirens takes the reader into the inner sanctums in Washington, D.C. and reveals the city’s dark underbelly where power and influence are the lifeblood sustaining a vast empire of politicians – the vested interests that allow them to survive – and the huge, gray, faceless, unelected bureaucracy that keeps the machinery of government humming.

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