No Country Loved: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A Washington Trilogy is fiction. Kinda. Former Congressman Jim Lightfoot said this: A Washington Trilogy describes a great deal of the political system and all its raw, nasty power plays and inter-workings. Bottom-line…the author mined his 30-plus years in Washington to produce a trilogy that is as real to life as it gets. As the following articles show, he “could not make this stuff up.”

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1954 United States Capitol shooting incident
The United States Capitol shooting incident of 1954 was an attack on March 1, 1954, by four Puerto Rican nationalists; they shot 30 rounds from semi-automatic pistols from the Ladies’ Gallery (a balcony for visitors) of the House of Representatives chamber in the United States Capitol. They wanted to highlight their desire for Puerto Rican independence from US rule.

Bomb explodes in Capitol building – Mar 01, 1971
A bomb explodes in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., causing an estimated $300,000 in damage but hurting no one. A group calling itself the “Weather Underground” claimed credit for the bombing, which was done in protest of the ongoing U.S.-supported Laos invasion.

The Link Between White Supremacists and Islamic Terrorism
White supremacist groups have long presented homegrown domestic threat and, in many ways, their operations, tactics, and terrorist recruitment processes bear a striking similarity to those used by jihadist groups such as ISIS or al Qaeda.

John David Bethel

J. David Bethel is the author of Blood Moon, a psychological thriller inspired by a true life crime of kidnapping, torture, extortion and murder, and Evil Town, a political thriller set in Washington, D.C.