Hotel Hell: Testimonials and Reviews

As you read this book, if you find yourself wondering if the author has jumped too far across the line between reality and fiction, think again. Although truth is often stranger than fiction, in Blood Moon the reader will find a chilling novel that touches on the truth in a very real, even horrible, way.

Marc Schiller

True life victim of crime that inspired Blood Moon

It is at times a gut-wrenching tale. However, Bethel does a concise job with the facts, while embellishing and adding to the narrative to create a face-paced and readable book. It is a page-turner.

Terry Shepherd

Author, The Garrison Book

Blood Moon is an excellent read. It is well-written and captures the revulsion of the crime; the evil nature of the perpetrators; the courage of Marc Schiller; and, unfortunately, the ineptitude of law enforcement. Finally, as someone who dealt with the evil that permeated this case, it is – in the end – a very, very fulfilling read.

Ed DuBois

Private investigator and principle in solving case that inspired Blood Moon

Bethel wastes no time getting to the nitty gritty details of the story and the pace stays this way pretty much throughout the whole book. My anxiety was super high reading this. It was most definitely suspenseful and thrilling.

Payton Stone

Reviewer, Book Thoughts