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Unheard Of is an “edge of your chair” read. The subject matter…the hunt for a serial killer on the loose in Las Vegas…is one that has been used by many murder mystery writers; but Bethel’s handling of it is far from usual. For me, there are three unusual things that make this novel so mesmerizing:

The first is the exhaustive research that Bethel obviously undertook. The book is partly an examination of serial killers in the US, in all their macabre diversity, and of the hunters who try to catch them by figuring out what motivates them to perpetrate unthinkable crimes, and constructing a profile in order to identify and catch them. The reader appreciates that Bethel has done the research and marvels that he was willing to spend so much time “living with” such people in order to understand and write about them so well. Bethel lets us feel that we really are peeking inside the minds both the killer and the hunters.

A second thing is Bethel’s obvious, profound knowledge of Las Vegas, the scene of the crime, with its unique culture and mix of people. The reader feels certain that the writer has lived there and that the depictions are accurate…from the over-the-top luxury of corporate offices and exclusive clubs in gleaming towers to the dank and dangerous urban caves frequented by the unfortunate, unhinged, addicted and violent.

The third thing is Bethel’s profound knowledge of politics as it is practiced in places like Las Vegas and in Washington DC. Again, the reader senses, even without knowing Bethel’s biography, that he knows of what he writes.

Of course it requires the imagination of a skilled fiction writer to combine those three things into a story and characters that keep the reader transfixed right up to the unpredictable and satisfying end. Bethel, it turns out, was more than up to the task.

Donn Flipse

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When I discovered that Bethel had written another book, I couldn’t wait to get it. It arrived on a Friday night. I began reading during the evening and couldn’t put it down until sleep overcame me hours later. I finished the book the following evening. Unheard Of is a police/big business influence/political/psychological treatise. Bethel interweaves all the parts uniquely. His style of presenting thoughts and actions of the characters keeps the reader in constant contact without losing the threads of the story. There are human relation threads, business threads etc – and we are kept abreast of all as it happens. What better place than to show all these connections than in the city of Las Vegas . Yes, it fits into the crime genre but goes much deeper than an average “who dunnit.”

Georgeanna Vagias

A stunning novel that blends fact and fiction in a unique way.  The research into this novel will leave you feeling like you experienced an enriching sociology course into the mind of serial killers and an amazing blending of prose leaving you wanting to know more about these fictional characters and what makes them tick! As someone that loves this genre, I found Unheard Of to be a unique and excellent read!

A Happy Mom

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Two thumbs up! Unheard Of is a page-turner; an immersive rollercoaster. It’s different from all the other novels I’ve read in this psychological thriller category that I love. It’s brilliantly written, the characters fully drawn, and the plot drew me in and kept me there until the final sentence.  It does so by taking a studied look at the impulses that drive monsters among us, and at the men and women who hunt these monsters.  I hope to see a lot more from Bethel…and will be checking out his other books.
Halle Grossman

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